For many regular soldiers, entering civilian professional life at the end of their commitment period is a major hurdle. BFFT aeromotive is well aware of the problems involved in the transition to civilian employment. Stefan’s example shows how successful the transition from the Bundeswehr to BFFT aeromotive can be.

At the beginning of his time as SaZ 8, Stefan completed his training as an electronics technician for aeronautical systems. Before Stefan joined BFFT aeromotive, he was responsible for the maintenance and servicing of navigation, communication and radar equipment of the BO-105 aircraft type as an avionics technician. His start at BFFT aeromotive went smoothly after his further training as a technician (specializing in electrical engineering), as Stefan himself demonstrates: “Already after his first contact with BFFT aeromotive, it became clear that a career start would be trouble-free due to the many different entry opportunities. In addition, BFFT aeromotive was able to correctly assess the qualifications I had learned in the German Armed Forces, not least due to the long service of Managing Director Ralf Rudolf.”

Since joining BFFT aeormotive, his development has been very structured. Thanks to his continuous support, Stefan has matured in three years from technician to project coordinator to system engineer. Managing Director Ralf Rudolf is also pleased with Stefan’s development: “Stefan’s career is exemplary for the smooth transition from the Armed Forces to BFFT aeoromotive. In addition, his development shows that we at BFFT aeromotive have correctly assessed and promoted his abilities and qualifications”.

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