Every day, the employees at EDAG aeromotive pursue their passion and live the values of the company. Find out more about our team members.


Every day, the employees at EDAG aeromotive pursue their passion and live the values of the company. Find out more about our team members.

As a man of the first hour, CEO Ralf Rudolf has headed the company since 2011, and, employing the valuable experience he has gained in various positions in the aviation industry at home and abroad, is constantly further developing EDAG aeromotive. He is privately involved in various associations in the aviation industry. This shows that EDAG aeromotive is the perfect employer for him to pursue his passion – aviation.

Ralf Rudolf

The perfect organization of our CEO has a name: Tatjana Schmelzer. Since 2018, the assistant has been working in the background, structuring the work processes and parallel to this supporting the team in project administration. At EDAG aeromotive, the state-certified economist is able to create a very good balance between her professional and private life: as the mother of a daughter, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, skiing or traveling.

Tatjana Schmelzer
Assistance Management

In his position of Key Account Manager, Andreas Raifegerst has since 2012 been discovering far-reaching added values for our customers, resulting from the synergies of the aerospace and automotive industries. The state-certified technician brings many years of experience in national and international aviation projects (some with the German Federal Armed Forces) to the development of the company and, in his role as team leader, to the field of engineering services.

Andreas Raifegerst
Key Account Manager

As a recruiter, Nadja Hugger plays a decisive role in ensuring that the technical experts we have in our ranks at EDAG aeromotive are more than just very experienced. She makes certain that potential candidates also fit in with our corporate culture. With her helpful nature, she supports any colleagues who come to her with matters of importance or concern. When Nadja is not taking care of her colleagues, she likes to cook, and draws inspiration for this from her extensive travels.

Nadja Hugger

From a very early age, aerospace has always been a central topic for Franziska Gogel, as her father teaches aircraft mechanics at a technical college. It is therefore not surprising that Franziska, an economics graduate, also gathered her first professional experience in this industry. Since 2014, she has been applying this experience in her work as an assistant at EDAG aeromotive. As a mom with heart and soul, Franziska spends her free time with the family. To recharge her batteries, she enjoys travelling with family or friends.

Franziska Gogel

Marco has always been fascinated by the workings and correlations of everyday objects. He enjoys observing and analyzing signal characteristics and correlations, and also their automation. An aerospace engineer who gained his degree in Italy, his job in our team is to ensure that the automation of SATs (software acceptance tests) can be performed using a specific programming language and a tool developed precisely for this purpose.

Marco Petti
Software Tester

Cars and mobility have inspired Florian from an early age. It was therefore not surprising that he chose to specialize in automotive engineering during his mechanical engineering studies. In the German Armed Forces, he not only worked as an officer, but also spent 8.5 years as a systems engineer for EUROFIGHTERs. The combination of automobiles and aviation are ideal for him – and that means he is in good hands at EDAG. In his private life, Florian successfully plays lacrosse and ice hockey for many years, and enjoys spending time with his family.

Florian Heller

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