The anticipation at BFFT aeromotive is increasing. The reason: after the ice hockey season, BFFT aeromotive is also an official partner of the ERC Ingolstadt for the coming season.

So our employees can look forward to the best seats in the Saturn Arena in the 2019 / 20 season as well. The BFFT aeromotive fan balcony not only guarantees a great view of the ice rink. A very special atmosphere prevails directly under the stadium roof and above the ranks of the fans.

The tickets for the BFFT aeormotive fan balcony will be raffled off internally to the employees at selected matches. In the stadium, the employees can look forward to food and drinks. “Sponsoring the ERC Ingolstadt is a central component of our employer branding strategy. After the successful premiere season as a sponsor, it was clear early on that we wanted to continue this success story in the coming season,” says Managing Director Ralf Rudolf, explaining the extension of the commitment to the Ingolstadt traditional club.

We are looking forward to experiencing the thrilling duels in the Saturn Arena live and wish the ERC Ingolstadt every success in the DEL.