Topology Optimization

When designing components, conserving energy and material is now an obligation. This, in turn, benefits the automotive and aircraft industries as well as aerospace engineering, since less weight means more range and thus less fuel burn. In order to achieve this, many developers are focusing on nature. Nature creates structures that can withstand enormous forces with minimal material usage. When developers follow these construction principles, we call it bionic design.

A computer-aided simulation process known as “topology” is used to design the mold components to minimize material consumption. However, the results are not always load-bearing. In practical application it often turns out that the design does not withstand the loads in all application situations. To avoid such problems, developers should follow the three basic rules of topology optimization:

  1. Tensile load before compressive loads;
  2. Use soft materials if possible; and
  3. Pay attention to fixation for compressive loads.

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