Since the city of Ingolstadt submitted its application for the European Commission’s Urban Air Mobility Project in June last year, the project has made great progress in researching forward-looking mobility concepts. In the current project phase, the 60 network partners have set themselves the goal of finding concrete application examples and creating the necessary structures through regular network meetings. The most recent network meeting of the UAM initiative took place in Munich at network partner Rohde & Schwarz.

As a partner of the Urban Air Mobility Project and expert in the ‘Infrastructure’ department, BFFT aeromotive was also involved in the fourth network meeting. After the welcome by Ingolstadt’s Lord Mayor Dr. Christian Lösel, the focus of the network meeting was on the presentation of various individual projects. In addition to “OBUAM” (project to research the long-term application potential of Urban Air Mobility as a supplement to public transport in Upper Bavaria), the “INCity-TakeOff” project was presented. In the context of this project the so-called Vertiports / -stops for take-off and landing of the electronic aircrafts are researched.

The Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt dedicates its project “GABi” to the social acceptance of UAM. Following the presentation round, the legal requirements at UAM in particular were examined in a discussion round. At the end, the participants met in small working groups for an exchange on regulations and aviation safety.

Under the motto “exploring the third dimension”, many regional partners are working together on the mobility of the future. “BFFT aeromotive is proud to be part of the Urban Air Mobility Initiative. Through the strong partner network, the UAM Initiative bundles many valuable competencies that are necessary for researching future mobility concepts”, BFFT aeromotive CEO Ralf Rudolf is pleased and adds: “We are looking forward to contributing our competencies from the aviation industry and thus being able to actively participate in the mobility of the future”.

The next network meeting is scheduled for November 2019. Further information on the UAM project of the city of Ingolstadt can be found here.