EDAG aeromotive is a Member of bavAIRia e.V.

What once began as a department for aerospace technology is now a separate company with almost 50 employees: for more than ten years now, EDAG aeromotive GmbH, an EDAG Group subsidiary, has been developing engineering solutions for the fields of aerospace and defense. The Gaimersheim-based company is one of some 550 companies in Bavaria that provide services in this field.

About 300 of these companies are members of bavAIRia e.V., commissioned by the Bavarian State Government to manage the Aerospace cluster. EDAG aeromotive GmbH has also recently become a member.

“bavAIRia e.V. and the aerospace cluster have joined forces with politics, industry and research to advance future topics such as AI in aviation or zero-emission aviation. Here, we can contribute our expertise in this field, and make a significant contribution to the further development of the industry,” is how Ralf Rudolf, CEO of EDAG aeromotive GmbH, explains the company’s motivation to join. “What is more, we can now network even better with other players in the field of aerospace, and effectively identify partners for targeted collaboration if necessary.”

With a number of aerospace OEMs, several major system developers and more than 400 medium-sized companies making significant value-added contributions to aerospace, Bavaria is one of the few international aerospace locations with a complete value chain ranging from research and design to the product and its support in operation. It is the aim of bavAIRia to network these companies, in order to increase the industry’s global capacity to compete.