Co-founder Ralf Rudolf has headed EDAG aeromotive without interruption since 2011. The managing director celebrates 10 years of company service this year. Dr. Jochen Hagel, Senior Vice President Electrics / Electronics of the EDAG Group, congratulated him on his 10 years of service: “10 years is a significant period of time, during which Ralf Rudolf has steadily helped to shape the company. The EDAG Group is extremely proud of the development that EDAG aeromotive has undergone during the last few years. Continuity in this position is a key success factor, and we look forward to continuing the success story together in the future.”
Today, EDAG aeromotive GmbH specialises in optimising the structure and performance of existing testframeworks. When developing innovative new tools for test automation or enhancing existing ones, the company networks currently available software and provides the relevant interfaces. In addition to tooling engineering, Ralf Rudolf’s highly specialised 45-strong team also offers services in the fields of development (hardware prototype development), validation and manufacturing (construction and integration of system components in flight simulators, rapid prototyping for model and special solutions, the production and commissioning of customer-specific test and power distribution systems, and the construction of ground service equipment) for aerospace and defence technology.
“I am very proud of the way in which EDAG aeromotive has developed, and am extremely grateful for the trust I have been shown in the last 10 years. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the EDAG aeromotive employees, as the success of the company is based on the performance of the entire team,” explains Rudolf. “Together with the EDAG Group, we have a promising future ahead of us, on our way to becoming one of the leading service providers in the aerospace sector. And even after 10 years in this position, I am still not tired. On the contrary: I am looking forward, with a partner as strong as the EDAG Group behind us, to developing even better solutions for the future of aviation for our customers.”