Support for social commitment in Gaimersheim

Another donation from EDAG aeromotive GmbH to the association ELISA Familiennachsorge e.V.

For the third time in a row, EDAG aeromotive GmbH has made a donation to support the association ELISA Familiennachsorge e.V. As in the previous year, the company had decided that instead of giving customers Christmas gifts, it would make a contribution to social institutions in Germany. To the association ELISA Familiennachsorge e.V., for example, which supports children and their families who urgently need help on account of illness, accidents or other external circumstances.

“The past two years have shown us the true importance and value of social commitment. For this reason we, EDAG aeromotive GmbH, are pleased to make another donation to ELISA Familiennachsorge e.V. this year, to support the work they do. Especially in these difficult times, the association is doing important and admirable work for children and young people in our region who are either severely or chronically ill or have cancer,” emphasized Ralf Rudolf, CEO of EDAG aeromotive GmbH. According to ELISA Familiennachsorge e.V., the donations are used to finance home visits that are no longer covered by health insurance, to provide support for the siblings of seriously ill children, and grief counseling for the entire family.

The symbolic check was handed over to Nadine Dier, Managing Director of ELISA Familiennachsorge e.V., by EDAG aeromotive CEO Ralf Rudolf in Ingolstadt. We would also like to thank our customers for their understanding of our decision to forego Christmas presents, and for making this donation possible.